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A lot of Hard Work.

2009-01-29 21:20:49 by malestro

Chickenscratch is being worked on very hard. I've got three scripts ready- two of them are shorts one is the first main episode. We are working on the 1st main episode in steps. Volcoms new account is dyerector. I've got a voice actor for a new character Amy, she's scratch's stepsister and a mad scientist.

I am working with a few people and searching for more for voice acting. We are not using that song or logo from the first episode.

Me and Volcom are working on a simple- Sorry me and DYERECTOR are working on a side cartoon unrelated to chickenscratch. Its simple but comedical. It wont be as long a project as chickenscratch.

Me and Doondeka are working on sprites to design a game idea in the future. :| We are lacking ideas though and are looking for helpful suggestions or collaborators(YEP).


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2009-01-30 15:53:22

WOOT \m/0o0\m/


2009-02-08 17:31:19

Sounds like you got a lot to work on. Not seen Chickenscratch, I'll try to watch it when I get a free moment (blogging a lot right now). Good luck with the writing =)

malestro responds:

yah, we're working hard. Trhying to fix the major problem. AUDIO.


2009-02-14 19:20:28

lol hey malestro,guise what,wanna make a game,i remebered how to do actionscript:D


2009-04-07 12:43:32

I can/want to do some voices for ya. just send a pm with info and line for the character


2009-06-06 14:13:50

u do realize i'm still here?