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Captain Planet Rampage Captain Planet Rampage

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Well this is great, and I'm glad to see you apparently weren't done in by the flood.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

where i am had flood affected areas on 3 sides, but happily not here. I lost power for six hours, that was the worst of it for me.

Madness Infected Madness Infected

Rated 2 / 5 stars

My ears.

All right. Let's see what the goddamn problem is here. I think the animation was rather smooth, your plot line was okay, and the graphics were subpar.

My damned issue was the sound effect. I HEARD ONE REUSED SO MANY TIMES IT WAS LIKE I WAS CHAINED TO THE TOP OF SOMEONE'S CAR LISTENING TO THEM HONK THEIR HORN OVER AND OVEr. Seriously, it made me shut it off immediately the first time I watched it. Reused repetitvie sound effects for everything (including where they don't fit) PISS ME OFF. I literally turned it off to finish watching it.

Now, I'm not directly insulting you. This is great for a newcomer, it really is, but dear lord, could you have looked a bit harder for sound effects? I have no room to talk with my animation, sorry, but god. The gunshots were cheesy, the sound effect for picking something up was the same for kicking someone at some point, and if I remember right, there was no sound for the car.

While the character is design is rather shitpoor, I give you credit for making a badass main character look (for your style), and giving your villains a fedora. I love fedoras. Fedoras are plain, oldschool kickass.

As the man below me said, it's definitely as good as some of the older madness, save for sound effects. I feel you may have done better had you left the faces alone. Not only did that turn my smile into a frown, I just... didn't like the facial expressions when they died either.

But, I have to give credit where credit is do. There is most definitely worse out there, and there's most definitely going to be more that are worse. Mediocre at best, and slighlty annoying (even the music), it's a decent animation.

Keep throwing things out there, but you have room for improvement.

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Rehab For Fictional Char. Rehab For Fictional Char.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved it.

First off BlueRenamon is an idiotic digimon fanboy/girl. Second.


I came. Thank you. And nice choice to make a song from that animation.

Ask Raptor Jesus Ask Raptor Jesus

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I love your sense of humor. Completely random stupidity is amazing. In addition, the ending was the most interesting credits I've seen in a long time <3

Madness Combat 6.5 Madness Combat 6.5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Epic! :3

That was just epicly amazing. The graphics.... as usual fit your style perfectly.

The sound and audio are 100% accurate, wonderfully timed, and amazingly clear.

The bloodshed? Need I even say the massive amount of win was included in that?

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Weird Al's Best Weird Al's Best

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

...All right.

If I gave it a ten just because I thought it was funny, I'd basically just be rating the song. Considering the -time period- this was done in.... not as in how long it took you, but rather the year, the graphics and everything are decent. Not great. The music, and the timing with the music? Perfect. Sorry for not giving you a big review on this one, but I haven't slept in a few days, and... I didn't want to exert so much effort on an old animation. I just thought it deserved a good look. I think the scenes wherever he was bleeding? Kind of poor in quality, in my opinion. Overall, I liked it. I rewatch it, enjoy it still. If it has good replay quality, I think it deserves a good rating.

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The Race! The Race!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


All right! I actually thought that was pretty funny. Your animation was smooth as always, and your art style matches perfectly for the humor and all. Sometimes, I wish you'd show us a bit more with your art, since we know you have some amazing animators in there, but that's not why you got a eight.

I guess it's because, even though it was funny, it wasn't as funny as some of your others. Not even as funny as your other shorts. Though I laughed, I felt that it... didn't really hit me like the others did. Even after the guy hits the tree, it takes a moment to kick in before you laugh, realizing: "Oh, hitting the tree could count as winning the race to the tree- ha!" Even after you realize it, it's only a short laugh, and it's not like the others.

That's just one man's opinion.

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Mr. Literal Mr. Literal

Rated 4 / 5 stars

How do I say this!

Splendid. It really is amazing, but it's not your best. Let me go ahead and do a proper review so I don't ramble.

Okay, first off, the plot. As with you, there generally... isn't one. It works for the game series, but it won't work for this. At least, it didn't for me. I think perhaps you should have placed Mr. Literal in a different situation, it would have worked better. We don't even know -what's- going on, though I assumed the guy he was talking to was his boss.

Second is the humor. Top notch as always; however, as I said before, I think a different situation, and more information ON the situation, would have done it better. I think a good way to test the humor, is if I can watch it again, and still find it funny. In this case, I can!

The animation. It's not exactly smooth, due to the fact that you have a very erratic animating style you use order to show the outrageous character emotions and such; however, it's not choppy, nor does it cut out. I'm not sure if that made any sense, but what I'm saying is that it flows very well for something that has so many outrageous animations. It's amazing. No problems there.

The style and art? It's perfect. It matches your humor perfectly, and wasn't ugly or stupid. It also showed you put amazing effort into it, and the shading was great too. Perhaps not as great as the art seen in the Brackenwood series, but I feel even if you did it that well, the style wouldn't fit the cartoon anyways!

Do I even -need- to go into the voice acting? We all know that this is where you shine. Honestly, I think you could get a job as a professional voice actor if you wanted. Though I'm not an expert on this, from my view, the lip syncing was perfect as well.

The characters? While I -did- say the situation and people should be different to benefit the cartoon more, the characters were portrayed perfectly. While I can't say the man with "Mr. Literal" was the best for the humor, I can say the personality and actions of the man presented a unique individual. In other words, he was portrayed as he should be, but I don't think he added as much to the cartoon as someone else would have.

Overall, this cartoon is amazing. I loved it. I don't think it's as funny as some of your others, but it was still great. I really love that lately, I seem to find you branching out and helping voice with a lot of other people's cartoons. Actually, you've done it for a while, but I never noticed till I stumbled across some of them and watched them.

FINAL NOTE NOT ON THE CARTOON: My other reviews on crap? I think they should be kind of ignored, if you want to compare what I think of this to what I think of other things. Some of the reviews I wrote when I was a bit younger or different. Perhaps I was a bit more immature, or had a little bit of difference in my sense of humor. It -may- have just been situational how I reviewed something else, as in, during that time I thought something else, etc. Maybe even those reviews were proper, I don't know.

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Anti-climactic Madness Anti-climactic Madness

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not much madness

... I have very little to say but... What the fuck? It made me laugh at the same time I'm like... ARE YOU SERIOUS? .... In truth. It was nice. Not enough madness though.

Madness Accumulation Madness Accumulation

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not my favortie

Not my favorite. But this is more real madness then that reviving the clown thing. Lots of killing, guns, and random :D